Inspirational Image: My sister’s “Summer celebration of love tour” comes to a close and I wanted to share this image from her wedding; portraits in the Redwood Forest of California. 
To my sister, Emily – Although you now have a husband to give you the world, you always have your sister who will travel to the ends of the earth for you.

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I could not be more excited to share with you the new site we have created. The people closest to me know how much attention goes into each and every image that I create, and this site is no different. My sweet darling husband has designed & created the website you see. I’m so grateful to Tony for not only creating the perfect site to showcase the images we have been capturing for all these years but for your patience and allowing me to develop my creative vision for the new site. When creating this site, I wanted to showcase my favorite images but more importunately make it easy for both current, past and new clients to find as much information as possible. I am certainly putting it out there with this site! You will find the perfect gallery for the wedding you are planning as well as all of the products that I offer for my clients who are ready to play with the images we created.

The weddings that are featured on my site are not beautiful just because I captured them, they’re beautiful because of all of the people involved in creating such amazing events for each individual couple. The relationship that I have developed with the most exquisite venues, planners, stylists, hair, make up & cinema is something that I hold very closely to my heart. I would like to say thank you to all of my co-vendors for allowing me to capture your artistry.

I would also like to say thank you to all of my clients, their families and friends who’ve allowed me to capture such precious moments throughout the years. Your trust kindness and sweet words allows me not only to capture the true glow of the human spirit but to continue pushing myself as an artist and master photographer. My clients mean the world to me and over the last year they have been a blessing to work with as I transitioned my entire workflow to a new company and lab.

For the first post I thought I would make it a personal one. One thing has always remained true, all of what I do is for my clients & my true goal is to not only give my clients images of fill them with love but also to make sure that they have fun in the process. The reason this has always remained important to me is because I know how full my heart feels when I see and hold the images that are most cherished to me.

The personal images I am sharing were captured by us, professional photographers and closest friends~




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