We often hear the comments: “You must have some amazing photographs of your children!”  That is true… for the most part.

Photographing your own children is not as easy as you think. Luca is my little model, just ask him and he is game for whatever Mommy wants do. Everly however, is at the “DON’T TOUCH ME!” stage.

While at the shore, for our summer portrait sessions, we were able to photograph our kids at the beach. I was trying so hard to get just ONE single shot of Everly looking into my camera with her smile that melts my heart. She was having no parts and just wanted to be held by Mommy. So finally Tony said, “Just capture her as she is.” That is the best part of this age, the growing of independence and that “I want Mommy” look. So here is a glimpse into how our little ones photo session went with us photographing our kids.


  1. Lovely Lovely Lovely
    Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful
    Oh Sarah I see you in little Everly eyes when you were small.
    You sure capture the wonderful pictures of your great kids.
    Love it
    – A. Sally

  2. Beautiful children! Beautiful pictures! Amazing how you are able to capture their personalities in a single shot. Love all of you!
    – Gram

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