Inspirational Image:
There are so many technical reasons why I love this image photographed during a Philadelphia Museum of Art wedding, as well as it is an overall dramatic and beautiful photo. The contrast of light and dark area, the three dimensional shapes that seem to come out of the image & the iconic arrow of the statue Diana perfectly frames the top of the image allowing the viewer to circle back to the couple. I love the leg of the statue Diana bending and the bride’s leg bending in comparison, both the bride and statue are standing on a pedestal.

Diana Statue details:
The Statue Diana has had a home at the Philadelphia Museum of Art since 1932. She was originally sculpted by Augustus Saint-Gardens and installed in 1893 on the tower of New York’s Madison Square Garden to serve as a weather vane. Diana now stands tall at the top of the Museum’s Great Stair Hall at 14 feet 6 inches.
To learn more about The Diana Statue visit the Philadelphia Museum of Art


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